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Check out my new site, I've been working on a C++ engine called Orion Engine and an indie MMO game called Been There. (4/25/2009)

Hello and welcome to my feeble attempt at a support page for Microsoft's DirectX technologies.  I say feeble, because there is absolutely no way a single person could keep track of everything going on in the world of multiplayer gaming and bleeding edge 3d graphics applications.  The code currently found on this web site is written for Visual Basic 6.  Some of the code may gradually be updated to utilize the new Visual Basic.NET framework as time permits.  Lately, my main focus has been C++, so the format of the site may change all together.  If you are using C or C++, I suggest you head over to Robert's X-Zone site and have a look at his offerings.

As I can usually be found lurking in the Microsoft DirectX Newsgroups, I may not always be available for comment. Please ask all questions in the newsgroups, I would prefer that you did not ask any technical questions via e-mail. Since I also have projects that I am working on, I will attempt to provide individual help as time permits.

Let's see, you might be asking "What is a Microsoft MVP?" MVPs earn their status by being nominated by Microsoft Support Engineers and Team Managers who see their consistent and accurate technical answers posted on electronic areas in response to customer questions. For more details, visit the Microsoft MVP page. Other MVP sites can be found at www.mvps.org.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
- Albert Einstein

DirectX and "Most Valuable Professional" are copyrights of the Microsoft Corporation. Other products referenced are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies. The opinions expressed in this site are my own personal views and do not reflect the official views of the Microsoft Corporation. The MVP program does not constitute employment or contractual obligation with Microsoft.

Material taken from this site is to be used at your own risk, I do not claim any responsibility. However, if you find something that is not correct -- please let me know!   All articles, tutorials, downloads and images found on this web site are copyright by Eric DeBrosse and are not to be duplicated without consent.

The DirectX Cool Fool!

2009 Eric DeBrosse


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