DirectX 9 Graphics Articles

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DirectX 9 DirectX Graphics Articles

This area contains a list of articles that are specific to DirectX Graphics under DirectX 9.
For DirectX Graphics articles specific to DirectX 8, look here.
For a complete listing if Direct3D related articles, look here.

Linearized Depth using Vertex Shaders04/27/2006In this article we'll look at an easy way to implement linear depth values using a Z-buffer, by implementing transformation in a programmable vertex shader.
Introduction to Effect Files08/01/2004The first in a series of articles targetted at DirectX Effect Files, provides an introduction to the use of Effect Files with the D3DX framework. Effects allow the developer to define rendering techniques outside of application code. Benefits include greater flexibility for your rendering engine, support of various hardware capabilities, and a rapid integration of new objects and visual effects into an application without the need for changes to compiled code.
Scaling and Centering of ID3DXMesh Geometry in DX904/11/2003Source code for functions that allow a mesh to be rescaled to fit within specific bounds and/or centered at origin


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