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Here you will find pointers to areas that we have found to be useful.  Please drop us a line if you have any problems with these links, or if you have a link that you think belongs on this list.

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Microsoft DirectX Links


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3D Programming Links


Math and Geometry Links


Web Authoring Links


Smalltalk MT Links

On-Line Developer's Conferences

Looking for a good source for accurate information and news on upcoming technologies?  Hear it first by attending On-Line chats sponsored by Microsoft. 

For information on attending upcoming chat sessions, head on over to the Chat and Online Event Calendars Microsoft TechNet.  Through this site you can also review transcripts of previous MSDN chats you may have missed.

DirectX Links - Direct from the Source

Microsoft DirectX Home Page

Of course, the list would not be complete without a pointer to the source of DirectX.  If you haven't been there in a while, don't pass this one up - it is still the best source for the latest information on DirectX and the road ahead.

Meltdown 2001 Presentations

View presentations from Meltdown, 20001, including information on the updates present in DirectX 8.1 and a look ahead at DirectX 9.

Microsoft DirectX 7 Developer FAQ

Microsoft DirectX 8 Developer FAQ

DirectX Links - 3rd Party Sites

The sites listed below are not affiliated with Microsoft, but provide 3rd party reference material regarding DirectX that we feel may be useful reference material.  No implication is made as to the accuracy of material found on these sites.

Major game development community, featuring game development articles, news, forums, hosted development sites, and more.

Tech Logic Capabilities Database

A searchable database of video card capabilities.


The nVidia developer relations sight has one of the largest collections of quality whitepapers, sample code, tools, and demos.  Focuses on the latest in techniques, effects, and optimizations, with an eye towards the next generation in graphics hardware.


Major e-zine catering to the game development community.  Features covering all sides of the industry, from hardcore programming articles, to features on graphics art, game design, marketing, you name it!

The Programmer's Lair

The Programmer's Lair provides some great resources and source code for game development topics ranging from DirectX to Artificial Intelligence.

The Game Development Search Engine

An extensive collection of links to game development resources, searchable and well categorized.  Something here for everyone.

The DirectX Experience

This long-standing sight has a good collection of basic articles on DirectDraw and Direct3D techniques.

Pie In The Sky's Programming Page

Some great new articles on a variety of 3D programming topics, as well as a collection of answers to commonly asked questions, courtesy of Pie In The Sky Software.  A fairly new site, but looks like one to watch.

The DirectX Cool Fool!

Fellow MVP Eric DeBrosse maintains a web site that caters to Visual Basic programmers using DirectX.

3D Programming Links

These links provide resources for 3D development that are not necessarily DirectX specific.


A great site, pulling together some of the best resources on the web for all things graphical, including programming resources, design tutorials, and much more.

Kenny Hoff's Graphics Depot

An excellent source for 3D algorithms, including an extensive selection of articles on culling for high performance applications.  Some good lessons on optimization to be found here, as well as extensive application of 3D algorithms.

Spatial Index Demos

A collection of Java based on-line demos of quad trees and other spatial data structures.

Hughes Hoppe's Home Page at MS Research

A wealth of research on topics such as dynamic LOD and mesh simplification.

Steve's Computer Graphics Index

An alphabetical index of 3D graphics related topics maintained by Steven Hollasch at Microsoft Research.  Contains a wealth of links to in depth articles covering advanced 3D graphics topics.

Math and Geometry Links

Game development, particular 3D simulations, require a firm grounding in physics and geometry.  Here are a few places to seek out background information on 3D math, physic, etc., needed to create real world algorithms.

Gateway to Mathematics

An organized collection of newsgroup postings and other online resources, covering a wide range of mathematical topics, both theoretical and applied.

The Geometry Junkyard

Links to extensive geometry resources.

Smalltalk MT Links


Creators of Smalltalk MT. Corporation

Distributors of Smalltalk MT in the United States.

Torsten Bergmann's Smalltalk Online

One of the most extensive resources available, covering a number of Smalltalk implementations with complete online books for each implementation.

Web Authoring Links

 Here are some useful resources to assist in web based development, from web page design to creation of active content.

Web Workshop by MSDN Online

The Web Workshop provides a huge resource for learning the latest web technologies, including dynamic content and streaming media.


This sight has some really nice JavaScript tricks up its sleeve, as well as maintaining a rich database of links.

An incredible compilation of well organized tutorials on JavaScript, DHTML, CGI scripting, and much more.  Not to be missed!

Matt's Script Archive

A great collection of Perl scripts for you server side endeavors, including such indispensable items as site search engines, credit card verification, and rotation of images with corresponding links.  

Browser Watch

Maintains an impressive directory of available ActiveX objects, plug-ins, and browsers.  

This site, created by DirectX MVP Robert Dunlop and aided by the work of other volunteers, provides a free on-line resource for DirectX programmers.

Special thanks to WWW.MVPS.ORG, for providing a permanent home for this site.

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