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How to restart from Windows Millennium into Windows 98 DOS mode.

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This method uses Windows 98 DOS and is actually a form of dual boot.  

***PEASE READ CAREFULLY*** and follow these instructions.


Step 1: If you have a Win-Me startup disk, copy the file to it from the Windows\Command folder. If you don't have the disk, go to Control Panel and click on Add-Remove Programs, the Startup Disk tab and Create Disk button. When the startup disk is finished, add the file. NOTE: Be sure to remove the disk from your Floppy drive when finished.

Step 2: Make a working folder, eg C:\SetupDOS.  After setup is complete, this folder can be deleted. Download SetupDOS batch file by clicking here and 'Save' it in SetupDOS folder. Ensure your Win98 or Win98SE CD is in the drive. From the Start Menu, click Run and  type: C:\Setupdos\setupdos X , Where the X represents your CD-ROM drive letter. 

Example: C:\Setupdos\Setupdos D   (NOTE) **Do not** place a colon after your drive letter and note the space between Setupdos and D.

The SetupDOS batch file will create a folder on your C: drive called PureDOS and extract the needed DOS files from your Win98 CD.

Step 3: Download Configuration.exe here. This is a self extracting archive and by default will place the file in your PureDOS folder. Double click the Configuration.exe to run the extraction.

In Windows Explorer, navigate to the PureDOS folder and drag the PureDOS.bat file to the Start button and release it.  This will create a shortcut on the Start Menu.

From the Start Menu, right-click the PureDOS.bat shortcut you created, select Properties, on the General tab, rename to PureDOS then click Apply, on the Program Tab mark "Close on exit" box, click Apply then OK.

Step 4: Download Commands.exe by clicking here. This is a self-extracting archive and by default will place the files in the C:\Windows\Command folder. If Windows is installed in a directory other than C:\Windows, type the path to your Command folder. Double click the Commands.exe to run the  extraction.

We are now ready to put this to use.  

Instructions for use:

Before starting, read the Known Issues and Notes

Click the Start button, then the PureDOS shortcut and restart your PC.  When the DOS prompt appears, type : Setpath and press Enter. NOTE: The Setpath is not required if you use the SimpleCD or CDStart method which includes this setting already. 

You can now use DOS as you wish. To return to Windows, type: WinMe  and press Enter.

For those who need CD-ROM support, see the CD-ROM section. For Mouse support, see the Mouse section. For Partition Magic, see the PM section.


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