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I need a Files= line for my DOS program to work, but adding it to the Config.sys just gets erased, what can I do?

See this KB Article in the MS Knowledge base.

When I open the Registry it always defaults to the last place I had opened. How can I make it open like it did with Windows 98?

There is no fix for this, but a workaround. You can download Regedit.vbs here. Save the file to your Desktop or somewhere easily accessible and use this shortcut as appose to Start_Run and typing in Regedit.  

What happen to Sysedit?

It's not included in the Windows Millennium version, however you can extract from your Windows98 CD a copy and place it in your Windows\System folder. To extract the file follow these steps. Place your Windows98 disk in your drive, hold the Shift key down for 15 secs or thereabout to keep Autorun from running or close the menu if it appears. Click Start then Run and type in Msconfig, Msconfig should default to the General tab. Click the Extract File button and type in Sysedit.exe then click the Start button. In the Restore From: type in the path to your CD-ROM drive and the folder Win98 or Browse to the Win98 folder on the CD. In the Save file in, type: C:\Windows\System or use the Browse button to set the path to your Windows\System folder. Click the OK button, when it prompts to save a backup click Skip as there is no backup to save.

I don't like the new version of Windows Media Player, can I uninstall it?. No, but you can go back and use the 6X version by following these steps.

From a DOS Prompt window, type:

REN C:\Progra~1\Window~1\Wmplayer.exe Wmplayer.exx and press Enter. Note the spaces between REN_C:\Progra~1\Window~1\Wmplayer.exe_Wmplayer.exx 

Next you need to type: Copy C:\Progra~1\Window~1\Mplayer2.exe  C:\Progra~1\Window~1\Wmplayer.exe and press Enter. That's all there is to it and your Quick Launch icon should now have the 6X look.

I had to do a System Restore and now all my exe files I've downloaded are gone, what the heck happen?

MVP Don Lebow has written a excellent work around for this. Visit this site and follow his instructions so it won't happen again.

I need a Boot Disk to flash my BIOS with minimal files on it, how do I create it?

Insert a Floppy Disk in your A: drive, click Start_Accessories_MS-DOS Prompt
Type: Format A: and press Enter

When it's finished, open Windows Explorer located under Programs. On the Tools menu click Folder Options then the View tab. Check the option: Show hidden files and folders, then uncheck: Hide file extensions for known files types and finally uncheck: Hide protected operating system files.

Now navigate to the Windows\Command\EBD folder and copy Io.sys that's (io.sys) and to your Floppy. Next copy your flash program and the BIOS flash file to the Floppy. Reboot your machine to your new Floppy.

Is there a new version of TweakUI for Windows Millennium? Sure is and you can get it right here: To install it follow these directions. Download to a empty folder on your hard drive, open Windows Explorer and double click the tweakui.exe file, this is a self extracting archive.You will see the default C:\WINDOWS\TEMP path under Unzip to Folder. Change this to the path you downloaded the file to. Example: C:\Tweak  Once the files are extracted find the tweakui.inf file and right click then left click Install. Close the Help menu that appears and you are done. Your TweakUI icon will now appear in Control Panel.


When I click on Start_Search then For Files or Folders, type in a file name and press the Search Now button nothing happens, why not?

There's two ways to fix this problem. One is to download TweakUI for Millennium above and install it. Go into control panel and double click the TweakUI icon, on the Desktop tab check the option Search Results.

The second is download this simple REG file here and save it to a folder on your hard drive. You will first need to rename the file extension form .me to .reg then right click the file and left click Merge.

In Internet Explorer 5.5 my Personalized Favorites or Smart Menus as some call it is missing under the Tools menu, Options, Advanced Tab, why?

It's believed this comes from a system running Windows 98 with IE 5.5 installed then doing an upgrade to Windows Millennium. To fix this problem download this REG file here and save it to a folder on your hard drive. You will first need to rename the file extension form .me to .reg then right click the file and left click Merge.

The date on the title bar for System Restore shows the date as Saturday, December 30, 1899. I didn't know they had computers back then, so what's the problem?

See this MS KB Article to fix this problem or you can download this REG file here and import it into your Registry if you are not sure how to do it per MS instructions. You will first need to rename the file extension form .me to .reg then right click the file and left click Merge.

Speaking of System Restore, is there a way to disable this?

Sure is and Shaun Janzen has a little app that will do this and more. Check out his Web Site for more details.