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Jan. 25, 2002

Added new pages for Auto Formatting a hard drive.

Jan. 28, 2002

Added a new link for the Win-ME FAQ page.

Uploaded new Configuration.exe file. Purpose was to add security to the PurDOS.bat file. It was possible to type in commands after the PureDOS window should have been closed by the user. It appeared to cause a corruption giving a "Incorrect MS-DOS version". 

May 1, 2002

Revised the Auto Format page. Made changes to allow for a much easier and far elegant way to create and use this Auto Format procedure.

Oct. 10, 2002

Removed the MVP logo and the MVP from my signature. Because my obligations to my home life and work I was not able to participate enough in the MS Newsgroups to be re-nominated  this coming year. This does not reflect my ability to help others in any way nor is it any bad reflection on the Microsoft MVP program.