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In this site you will find source code for Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic .NET, targeted to intermediate and advanced programmers. The site is divided in two major sections, one for VB6 and one for VB.NET. Both sections are divided by code categories. Start browsing the site by selection one of the sections from the toolbar above..

The rules

All the code from this site can be freely used in your own applications, but you may not reproduce or publish this code on a web site, online service, or distribute as source on any media without express permission. If you want to include part of the code (by part of code I mean a function or two, not the whole code with a simple change) in a code sample for your page, you can do it only if you include a reference to the site.

If you have any comment, bug report or question feel free to mail it to Eduardo A. Morcillo.




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