This is your jumping off point to a number of interesting offerings being provided for you by a few folks associated with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program. Plan to check this page every so often as new subwebs and subdomains are bound to show up from time to time. This home page has been somewhat organized to categorize our offerings, in the hope of narrowing down your quest for information. The sites that are described below are those hosted by this domain. The MVP Links page points to all known MVP sites. 

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Application Development

Alex Angelopoulos' Windows Scripting Site
Resources for Windows scripters, focusing primarily (but not exclusively) on WSH. Topics include extension of scripting with COM, tools for scripters, performance analysis, numerical scripting, scripting and programming interoperability, scripting philosophy, and the ever-popular Rube Goldberg memorial scripting page commemorating bizarre scripting solutions.
Randy Birch's VBnet
VBnet is Randy's Visual Basic 'classic' code site focusing primarily on utilizing the Windows APIs from VB. With contents gleaned from poring over the MSDN and other API references, as well as provided by friends and contributors, VBnet is nearing the 80 million page-view mark.
Common Controls Replacement Project
The CCRP is was a unique project, combining the extensive talents of Windows developers whose aim is was to provide smaller, faster, more fully-featured and free replacements to the Microsoft-provided Common Controls and Common Dialogs. The untimely end was not foreseen.
Eric DeBrosse's DirectX Cool Fool
A great resource for Visual Basic developers utilizing DirectX technologies. Provides downloads, articles, tutorials and FAQs related to multimedia and game development topics.
Robert Dunlop's X-Zone
A useful resource for game developers and others using the DirectX SDK for multimedia development. Includes samples, how-to articles, FAQs for the various DirectX APIs, and more! Also includes support information for Sam's Teach Yourself DirectX 7 in 24 Hours, by co-author Robert Dunlop.
L.J. Johnson's Slightly Tilted Software
All of the code from articles that L.J. has done for VBPJ over the years. Mainly NT administrative-type programs and utilities, but many are useful for anyone who uses NT and Visual Basic. Extensive use of some of the more esoteric API programming under NT (including file security). A sampling of WMI and ADSI programming is also included, along with photos of other MVPs and well-known VB personalities from VBits.
Felix Kasza's Win32 Samples
The Win32 page contains a variety of Win32 samples, covering areas such as LSA, MIDL and RPC, Network, NTFS streams, Processes, Security, and a few others. Note that Felix does not speak VB.
David Liske's HTML Help Center
This subweb contains the results of research conducted in the area of Microsoft HTML Help. Developers and help authors alike will find high-quality samples, source code, and tools for working with HTML Help, along with a couple of items to assist the users of help systems.
Brad Martinez' VB-32 Programs & Samples
A unique collection of 32-bit freeware programs and code samples catering to the intermediate and advanced Visual Basic programmer familiar with the Win32 shell common controls, and API.
Bob Moore's Win32 Tip Site
An eclectic selection of Win32 programming tips in C/C++. Topics covered range from UI techniques through to processes and threads, with each tip trying to solve a common problem or explain a concept. Basic MFC knowledge useful for some of the tips, but not essential.
Eduardo Morcillo's Edanmo's VB Page
Source code for Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic .NET, targeted to intermediate and advanced programmers.
Karl E. Peterson's One-Stop Source Shop
Dedicated to Classic VB programming, this subweb contains a collection of the samples, demos, and tools that Karl has put together over the years. Many were originally written for VBPJ and have since been enhanced. Others are simply FAQs. If you use Classic VB (this is a certifiably .NET-free zone) you're likely to find something useful here.
Bryan Stafford's vbVision
A collection of Visual Basic samples, articles and tips with what may be considered a slightly different vision than other VB sites. The site is dedicated to exposing the limitless possibilities that are achievable using VB and the Win32 API.
Harvey Triana's Visual Expert
A collection of articles and tips written by Harvey Triana, documents that that go beyond the standard documentation of Visual Basic. The articles describe implementations applied to development problems, from which enterprise software has been created.
Una colecci�n de art�culos y tips escritos por Harvey Triana, material que va m�s alla de la documentaci�n estandar de Visual Basic. Los art�culos describen implementaciones aplicadas a problemas de desarrollo, y de las cuales que se ha creado software para empresas.
Visual C++ MVP FAQ
A recollection of answers to the most common questions asked in the Visual C++ and Win32 public newsgroups, provided by MVPs. The site covers several areas of Visual C++ and Windows development in C/C++.
Herfried K. Wagner's VB.Any
A website dedicated to Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic .NET programming. This subweb contains a growing number of samples, code snippets, articles, and links to related web sites, and a collection of answers to the most common questions asked in the VB.NET public newsgroups. All information is presented in German.

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Application Resources

Juan M Afan de Ribera's Access & VBA FAQ
This site is dedicated to providing answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions, in Spanish-language Access newsgroups, on the topics of VBA and Access.
Sitio (en Espa�ol) dedicado a responder las preguntas m�s frecuentes (FAQ) para Access y VBA hechas en los grupos de noticias para Access en espa�ol.
Francisco Javier Garc�a Aguado's La Web de Access del B�ho
Spanish site completely dedicated to Access and VBA, with more than 1000 fully operative code examples.
Sitio en Espa�ol dedicado en exclusiva a Access y VBA con mas de 1000 ejemplos de codigo completamente operativo.
Dev Ashish's The Access Web
A collection of answers to various questions (some Frequently Asked, some rarely) asked in Usenet and Microsoft newsgroups, covering anything and everything Access/VBA related. A combined effort of several contributors, the website also maintains a comprehensive Resources section and few useful utilities.
Maintenant disponible en fran�ais.
Entourage Help Page
A resource for Microsoft Entourage:mac, provided by Microsoft Mac MVPs. Find helpful hints for e-mail, contacts, tasks and calendar management. Sections include FAQs, troubleshooting, and general getting started help.
Chirag Dalal's OfficeOne
A website dedicated to Microsoft Office Tips, Tricks, Add-ins and Solutions. A large collection of add-ins and and VBA code snippets.
Orlando Magalh�es Filho's VBA and Excel Site
Excel knowledge and examples to share with others including mainly utilities, code suggestions, and tips related to Excel and Excel macros in VBA. Also includes materials on Word, Word macros in VBA, Office and, VB.
John Marshall's Visio Page Website
This website contains information about using Visio and has several examples of using VBA to work with Visio. The website also has a list of websites that offer extra stencils and templates for Visio.
David McRitchie's Excel Pages
This site provides Excel macros and other problem solving hints for those working with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Topics covered generally include a Related Area for additional information.
Shyam Pillai's OfficeTips
A collection of samples, articles related to Microsoft Office VBA programming with/without API, including free add-ins and other handy tips. Definitely the first stop if you want to know about PowerPoint automation.
Project MVP Website
The Microsoft Project MVPs have gathered here, in a single location, the most common FAQs, links, files, sample code, and more, that they find themselves frequently referring users to.
Mary Sauer's Design Gallery Help
A web site with support document links for the Clip Organizer and Clip Gallery. There is a short discussion about the differences between bitmap and vector clipart. You can also request images that are unavailable on the Design Gallery.
Glyn Simpson's Money Page
The website contains useful information for users of Microsoft Money. This includes, and is not limited to, product information, FAQs, patches, downloads and articles on the product.
Stephen Stakey's Encarta SupportZone
A great resource where you can find support, how-to guides, product information, tips, FAQs, and more for Microsoft Student, Encarta, and MSN Encarta. The site is constantly being updated with new information regarding these products, based on newsgroup questions and answers.
Jimmy Stevenson's NibblesNbits HelpSite
Covers all aspects of gaming including networking / router issues, driver upgrades and diagnostics, specific issues, Video/System hardware and software troubleshooting solutions, firewall configurations, Java conflicts, game specific FAQ's, etc.
Shawn Toh's PowerPoint Heaven
The Power to Animate! Contains showcases, games, animations templates, samples and tutorials on creating advanced/amazing animations in PowerPoint.
A repository for Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to Microsoft Word, maintained by the Microsoft Word MVPs. In the various support areas to which the MVPs contribute, there has been an outcry for a central location of FAQs, tutorials, samples, etc. This site is the answer to those requests.

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Platform / Operating Systems

Michael Abbaticchio's Exchange "How to"
A quick reference link for Exchange problems, that the author has run across in practice, and found challenging and noteworthy enough to publish easy solutions to. The site is also useful for quick reference for some commonly asked question on the Exchange public newsgroups.
John Barnett's Vista Support October 9, 2006
Vista Support is a website dedicated to troubleshooting the Windows Vista Operating System. Like its sister site, Windows XP Help And Support, the Vista Support website brings together answers relating to typical Windows Vista problems. The website's aim is to become your one stop resource for troubleshooting Windows Vista problems.
John Barnett's Windows XP Help and Support
Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced user the Windows XP Help and Support site has a host of answers to typical XP problems. As well as problem solving, there are also links to other useful sites, reviews of software applications suitable for Windows XP, and a special 'Life Saver' list of all the tried and tested software applications you just can't do without.
Patrice Bonnefoy's Windows Vista Site
Microsoft Windows Vista will be available to the sale at the beginning of the year 2007. Innovating, even surer than its predecessors, equipped with a re-examined and improved transparent interface, it is the most important evolution undertaken since Windows 95. Find in these pages many articles to use this system easily.
Microsoft Windows Vista sera disponible � la vente au d�but de l'ann�e 2007. Innovant, encore plus s�r que ses pr�d�cesseurs, dot� d'une interface transparente revue et am�lior�e il est la plus importante �volution jamais entreprise depuis Windows 95. Retrouvez dans ces pages de nombreux articles pour utiliser facilement ce syst�me.
Eric Cross's Networking Site
This website guides you through troubleshoot networking with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It contains a collection of KB network related articles, other links to various websites, and some of the most common problems with answers that should help you with your network.
Sandi Hardmeier's Site
A collection of FAQ addressing problems with Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, including a popular page devoted to spyware, hijackware and various programmes known to conflict with IE and OE.
Yizhar Hurwitz's Site
Several freeware utilities designed for system administrators.
Bert Kinney's All about System Restore...
A step-by-step guide to the use and troubleshooting of System Restore in Microsoft Window XP. There is also a list of related KB Articles, virus/malware removal and prevention suggestion, scripts, and a page containing Tips, Fixes & FAQ's.
Chris Quirke's PC Stuff
Orientated towards stand-alone PCs; covering Win9x, "Safe Hex", risk management, some XP and WinME issues and controversies, troubleshooting really sick PCs, FATxx data recovery, etc.
Mark Salloway's Windows XP Resource Center
A site dedicated to thorough step-by-step walkthroughs designed to fix common problems and issues seen by users of Windows XP.
Marc Scheuner's ADSI and System.DirectoryServices Site
Tips and code for both Delphi and C#/.NET developers relating to Active Directory Programming - ADSI for Delphi, System.DirectoryServices for C#/.NET. Also features two free-to-use Active Directory browsers - "BeaverTail" is a open-source C# version and shows some System.DirectoryServices programming practices.
Joe Schurman's Collaboration and Mobility Blog
Joe's Collaboration and Mobility Blog includes SharePoint Portal Server, Windows SharePoint Services, Live Communications Server, and his passion, Windows Mobile, FAQs, Technical Documentation, Presentations, Architecture, Sample Code and Screen Shots, as well as general commentary.
Len Segal's Windows Technical Forum
Windows Technical Forum is a user group for IT Professionals who provide services to small-medium sized businesses, and is based out of Microsoft's Boston area office.
Ramesh Srinivasan's Windows XP & IE Tips
Tweaks for Windows XP and Internet Explorer. Contains a few spyware removal utilities, custom made fixes, and a mini-FAQ for Internet Explorer.
Mark D. Stotzer's WINDOWS, DOS and MAC Help
An extensive collection of links to sites offering help and advice about Windows (3.x, 95, 98, NT, 2000), DOS (numerous flavors), and Macintosh operating systems.
Kelly Theriot's Troubleshooting Windows XP
This site contains lots of information to help you find answers to the problems some users have with Windows XP. It houses over 600 commonly requested tweaks and tips to make XP work the way you want it to. This site also offers utilities specifically written for XP by MVP's, a FAQ section, and a detailed A to Z reference for XP issues.

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