Visual Basic MVP Summit, 2001 (2)

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Pictures taken during the VB MVP Summit at Redmond, Washington on March 1 - 2, 2001 (page 2 of 6). Captions are included in the Alt tags for the thumbnails, so you should be able to see them by pausing your mouse over a picture. If you spot someone who you know but who isn't identified, please let me know and I will update it. 

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Microsoft campus, Building 41 Grab the coffee to prepare for first session... We are milling, we are milling... Zane Thomas and Mark Boulter (MS) Klaus Probst concentrates on a problem __________ Brad Martinez Jim Mack, Karl Peterson, Dan Barclay, and Bryan Stafford Ari Bixhorn (MS) Supper in the MS Cafeteria (1) Supper in the MS Cafeteria (2) Notice Kathleen's tongue... Supper in the MS Cafeteria (4)

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More pictures