Visual Basic MVP Summit, 2001

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Pictures taken during the VB MVP Summit at Redmond, Washington on March 1 - 2, 2001 (page 1 of 6). Captions are included in the Alt tags for the thumbnails, so you should be able to see them by pausing your mouse over a picture. If you spot someone who you know but who isn't identified, please let me know and I will update it. 

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If you have questions, name corrections, or comments e-mail L.J. Johnson

Zane Thomas and Zach Thomas Don Bradner Randy Birch, Earl Damron, Doug Marquardt, and Don Bradner Bob O'Brien Ray Mercer Dan Barclay Bryan Stafford Billy Hollis, in mid-bite Mattias Sjögren, not quite awake Earl Damron and Bill McCarthy Carsten Thomsen Mathis Schiffer and Randy Birch Kathleen Joeris Karl Peterson 

I got a chance to try out my brand-new Olympus C-2100 camera on the trip -- you can see the results here. I'm still learning the quirks, but it's a big improvement over my Olympus D-400 (which my daughter has now).

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