Olympus C-5050

My C-2100 is still doing fine, and no way am I going to trade it in, or give it to the kids, or just put on the shelf. The combination of features, particularly the 10x optical zoom and image stabilization, makes it, well, just plain fun to use.

But I needed a couple of things that the UZI didn't excel at. First, I tend to take a lot of available-light pictures at my daughter's plays. The exposures tend to be so long that the actors often move during the exposure. So, the shots that are adequate or better tend to be a very small percentage of the total (< 20% or less, depending upon how the play is lit).

And second, I have the ability to set up a temporary home studio in the living room. I have one canvas and a couple of muslins, plus some JTL  flashes, soft-boxes and umbrellas. The C-5050 has more features and options than the C-2100 -- it is more "tweakable". I particularly like the movable, multi-position LCD for tripod shots.

I also got an Olympus FL-40 flash and the LumiQuest ProMax system. I've only had the ProMax for a couple of days, but I really like it so far. No more red (or green) eyes on my cats and dogs. 

I have a small gallery of photos at Rowlett Creek Preserve, just a few miles from my house. It is a combination of dark-and-brooding trees and paths with pockets of sunlit meadows. I only "discovered" it recently, but I've been back several times already. If it ever snows here again, I'm going there to take pictures...

Favorite Features

Don't Like:

For a nice review of the features, see www.wrotniak.net