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System architect, using both traditional methods and Object Oriented (OO) methodologies.
Use Rational Rose 4.x and 98 and Microsoft Visual Modeler to design and maintain project architecture.
High skills with using the Windows API (32-bit and 16-bit), NT architecture, and NT and Novell networking capabilities. Particularly experienced with using the 32-bit API from Visual Basic.
Extensive experience with Access, Microsoft SQL server, and Oracle.
Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in Visual Basic 1998 - 2002
Top expert in Visual Basic (all versions). Have used VB extensively since version 1.0.
Skilled in technical design at both high and middle levels, technical lead on several large, successful projects.
Have designed and implemented programming standards for several medium to large projects..
Have implemented source control (VSS) for entire projects.
Have conducted regular code reviews for entire projects.
Exceptional designer specializing in OO analysis and design, Windows programming in Visual Basic, NT programming and networking.
A skilled communicator at both the level of the developer and the end-user.
Semi-regular contributor to Visual Basic Programming Journal and to the new Enterprise Development magazine (Fawcette Technical Publications).
Currently run the Ask The NT Pro site..

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Verizon, Inc, Dallas, Texas  October 2001 to present

Hired to help reconstruct the GUI for a current large project into a more object-oriented format. Spent three months adding new features and refactoring current UI code to produce a stable version release of their product in a very short timeframe (for the work needing done). Have continued adding new features and new telephone products to the code, as well as supporting multiple code branches (up to 4) with bug fixes and testing.

Helped add two web services to the current project so outside web programs can add orders to our application, gaining a lot of experience with parsing and debugging XML and web services. Constructed and presented to management a number of non-trivial XSLT samples as a possible replacement for our custom-coded XML conversions (they chose not to go this route). One of the major contributors for plan to convert the current project partially to VB.Net to ease the transition to replacing DCOM with web services/xml and avoid some of the current security concerns with DCOM and port 135.

I have also been able to help out by producing a number of utilities, including a build program that was recently put into production. I have also automated the packaging of the application for deployment, and installation programs on the server side to allow easy, more foolproof ways in updating the application by the administrators. I have produced a customized programming standards document, and a document on how to code currently in VB 6.0 to minimize the pain of migrating to VB.Net. I have become a resource for solving previously unsolved problems with the VB application.

Chase GIS, Dallas, Texas  6 Months
VP, Application Architect

Hired to architect 3.0 version of the Views application. However, since the version 2.5 was at the end of the development cycle (and should finish with QA by the end of Feb 2001), the first months have been spent understanding and documenting the code and processes involved. The code was written entirely by the New York City team, most of which will not transition to the new offices in Dallas, and Dallas will have to support this code base while developing version 3.0. Managed (technically) a team of programmers in these tasks. The largest task has been documentation, since so much of the application depends upon other components not under the direct control of this project. Documentation has been in the form of Word documents, Visio documents, and Rational 2000 UML diagrams. Created many of the high-level diagrams (Visio and Rational). Currently re-architecting the current, rather fragile, code base into a more structured, OOP structure for Views 3.0, and working with the other designers to integrate my changes with the rest of the Views 3.0 modifications.

Currently starting work of architecting version 3.0 of the product. Training other team members how to use Rationalís RUP, and in particular, Use Cases. Using Alistair Cockburnís template (from Writing Effective Use Cases) to replace the one found in RUP. I have also begun self-training (during non-work hours) on VisualStudio.Net.

Phytel, Dallas, Texas  13 Months
Director of Development

Hired as the Director of Development, with full control over all the code, coding conventions, and application architecture. Tasked with converting their 2-tier, monolithic application into a n-tier application running on both a fat client and on the web. Phytel is creating an application for small to mid-sized doctors offices (www.phytel.com). Application had to be totally re-written, with limited OO design-time (for version 1.0) due to time-to-market concerns and personnel availability issues. A full OOA&D is planned for version 2.0 (with parallel updates to the 1.x product). The application manages all communications for the doctors office, including voice, fax, voice mail, a voice response system (usable by caregivers from any phone, and by patients for limited functions), and email, and includes prescription, patient record, and message management. Voice messages can be played and recorded through the computer sound card, or via the telephony interface (which is available even at the office for a more robust environment than the standard PC sound card/microphone). The fat client will run in the office with full functionality, while the web client allows patients (and doctors from home) to access a more limited range of features. Approximately 30 business objects (running at Phytel under W2K and MTS), 40 UI business objects, and 25 UI objects. Makes extensive use of data-driven programming to dynamically reconfigure the fat client, reducing the number of forms required by an order of magnitude. Uses SQL Server 7.0 as the database. Currently adding MSMQ for intra-machine messaging for the fat client. Created programs to automatically download the latest files from Visual Source Safe, compile, and check the files back in, even when one or more of the components have had their compatibility broken. Currently transitioning from NT 4.0 to W2K for the back-end development.

KPMG, Dallas, Texas  3 Months

Senior architect for a major internal VB project. Created an OO design for both the business services layer and data services layer, and documented the design using Rational Rose 98. Used both Use Case and Sequence diagrams to transition between the requirements and the Class diagrams. Project was n-tier, with a UI and UI Business Objects at the User Services layer, and an "EZ" interface at the data services to hide the underlying implementation of the data storage. Used OLE structured storage for data storage (Word documents, RTF documents, and text) and Access for the associated metadata and relationship information. Used VB 5.0 for the programming. Used abstract classes (via "Implements") to enforce a standard interface to the 50+ business objects interfaces. In addition to creating the implementation model, I was technical lead for both business and data services, with associated code reviews/walk-throughs. Created the timelines for the part of the project I was leading. I also coded the core classes and tested those classes against the data services to create a narrow but deep vertical slice through the application. Project was cancelled.

DATAPLEX (ACS), Dallas, Texas: 1 Year

Hired to prototype and design an n-tier inventory system using OO techniques in Visual Basic 5.0 with Rational Rose98 as the object design tool, and using stateless components running under Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0 (MTS) to deploy the business layer. Also created the methodologies, standards, and programming conventions to be used by future systems at DataPlex. Documented the programming standards and conventions in both a Word document and a series of web pages on their server. Used Oracle as the backend database. Created custom code generation facilities for Rational Rose (using OLE automation) to create the Visual Basic code for all classes and modules with much of the boiler-plate and standard code already in place. Created a "dumb UI" which is totally driven via metadata from database tables to configure the generic screens for data display and CRUD.

Retained by Fawcette Technical Publications to do their Ask The NT Pro web site (http://www.inquiry.com/). Code for all articles done for Visual Basic Programming Journal, plus other utilities, can be found on my web site (http://www.SlightlyTiltedSoftware.com).

PEROT SYSTEMS, Dallas, Texas: 9 Months
Associate (System Architect)

One of three system architects on a large (40-person) project using VB 5.0. Total OO design and methodology. Made extensive use of both Remote Automation (early in project) and DCOM. Automated both Word 8 and Crystal Reports to create and print documents as server processes. Pure 3-tier design, with different groups working on UI layer, business layer, and database layer. Used over 80 classes in the primary in-proc server. Used both a wrapped RDO in database layer and direct RDO on server processes to access an Oracle database. Project uses multiple NT 4.0 application servers, which client workstations are NT 4.0 workstations.

KPMG, Dallas, Texas: 9 Months
Senior Consultant (Technical Lead)

Technical lead on large imagining/workflow system. Project included integrating Action Workflow workflow product with DocuPact imaging product. System used three NT 3.51 servers, NT 3.51 workstations, and Microsoft SQL Server 6.5. Used VB 4.0 32-bit and 16-bit, integrating the two with OLE automation. Gained experience with programming, managing, and optimizing Microsoft SQL Server. Mentored other programmers on project and helped them transition to VB 4.0 and using classes and OLE objects. Created all installation scripts with Wise Installation System. Set coding standards and naming conventions for the project.

MARY KAY COSMETICS, Dallas, Texas: 2 Years
Senior Systems Analyst (Technical Lead)

Permanent Consultant

Hired as second permanent member of this consulting firm. Currently working on a large database program using Visual Basic 3.0 and the Access engine. Extensive new experience with Access during this project. Program is under written non-disclosure. There are over 30,00 lines of code in this program. The program transparently uses three utility programs I wrote to import comma-delimited data, export comma-delimited data (with a number of options), and import new queries to the databases. The program maintains and uses an extensive INI file for user information, and another INI file for version control (i.e., checking to make user the DLL’s and VBX’s needed by the program are at least at a certain version level). It uses both bound an unbound controls for displaying and editing data from 2 Access databases with total of 20 tables. Made extensive use of SQL queries within the code, both to populate controls (i.e., "scatter and gather"), and to perform actions (i.e., hand-coded cascading deletes and updates of tables). Designed and coded the entire program, including the GUI, the database structure, the data access, and the help file.

TGI FRIDAY’s, Dallas, Texas: 2 Months
Consultant (temporary)

Brought in to help design and code a workflow server in Visual Basic. Switched over to rescue a Visual Basic program at the heart of a major upcoming implementation. When I took over the code, the program would not run more than 1 hour without crashing. Got the code into satisfactory condition for original implementation over the period of three 80+ hour weeks. Code was over one Meg in size. Was able to demonstrate an ability to dive in, organize, debug and refine the code, and was offered a permanent job as soon as I gave my 2-weeks notice.

ORYX ENERGY COMPANY (formerly Sun Exploration & Production), Dallas, Texas: 10 Years
Systems Analyst: 6 Years   

Drilling Foreman, Sun Exploration and Production (now Oryx Energy Company), Corpus Christi, Texas: 4 Years 

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