I have been looking at getting a Turtle Beach's AudioTron (, but I've been hesitating because it would require a really nasty cable run from the second floor to the first floor bedroom. Maybe after summer's over and the attic cools down a little...

Nanci Griffith is my all-round favorite artist. I own all her non-compilation albums, and recently got to see her in person at the Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas (04/21/2002). It was part of her Clock Without Hands tour promoting her new album, but she did more of her older songs than new ones. Bass Hall was a nearly perfect place to hold the concert, and the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra enhanced her songs, much as the London Symphony Orchestra did in her Dust Bowl Symphony album.


I was also able to snag a signed copy of her book, Other Voices: A Personal History of Folk Music, which I'd been searching for. 


If you are interested, you might want to check out the official Nanci Griffith site,


    There' A Light Beyond These Woods (1978) -- Philo/Rounder

   Poet In My Window (1982) -- Philo/Rounder

   Once In A Very Blue Moon (1984) -- Philo/Rounder

   Last Of The True Believers (1986) -- Philo/Rounder

   Lone Star State Of Mind (1987) -- MCA Records

   Little Love Affairs (1988) -- MCA Records

   One Fair Summer Evening (1988) -- MCA Records

   Storms (1989) -- MCA Records

   Late Night Grande Hotel (1991) -- MCA Records

   Other Voices, Other Rooms (1993) -- Elektra Records

   Flyer (1994) -- Elektra Records

   Blue Roses From The Moons (1997) -- Elektra Records

   Other Voices, Too (1998) -- Elektra Records

   The Dust Bowl Symphony (1999) -- Elektra Records

   Clock Without Hands (2001) -- Elektra Records


   The MCA Years: A Retrospective (1993) -- MCA Records

   Country Gold (1997) -- MCA Records

   Wings to Fly & A Place To Be: An Introduction [Import] (2001)

   The Best of Nanci Griffith: 20th Century Masters (2001) -- MCA Records

   From A Distance: The Best of Nanci Griffith (2002) -- MCA Records


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