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The purpose of the scrap yard is simple.  A place was needed to put samples that might not be completely done or need tidied up a bit.  Since many great techniques are in the samples, I decided to go ahead and post them here so you can benefit from them.  The samples are provided as-is, however feedback on them is still welcome.

bulletTerrain Shader
Beta Article with Demo Download

bulletBouncing Balls (248 KB)

Smooth bouncing balls, with nice alpha blending around the edges.

bulletProcedural Wood Texturing (222 KB)

Demonstration of simulating a wood surface using procedural textures.

bulletAlpha Ball Demo (340 KB)

Demonstration of a ball with alpha effects, illustrates effect of alpha testing on sort dependency.

bulletDirectX GUI Controls (294 KB)

A partial framework and example showing how to create GUI dialogs and controls using 3D primitives in DX 8.


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